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  • Where would I get an income if I couldn’t work?
  • What happens if I am diagnosed with a serious illness?
  • I want to save a deposit for a house
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  • How much life cover will I need?
  • Can serious illness be included on this plan?
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  • So, how much life cover should we really have or need?
  • If one of us couldn't work, how would we cope?
  • Will we have a decent income when we retire?
  • Are we paying too much for what we already have?
  • Apart from our mortgage, what happens to other borrowings if one of us died?
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  • How will we provide for sending the children to college?
  • Should we increase our life cover?
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  • What will happen to my income in the event of a long term
       absence from work – will the business be able to pay me?
  • What happens if I am diagnosed with a serious illness?
  • How can I reduce my tax bill?
  • What happens if I die prematurely?
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  • What income will I have when I stop working?
  • How will the business survive if a shareholder / partner or key employee
       becomes seriously ill or dies suddenly?
  • If my business partner dies, what happens to their share of the business
       how would I feel about their spouse or family becoming active in decision making?
  • Will I be able to pass the business on to my children without being ravaged by tax?
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  • Am I putting in enough to get the income I want when I stop working?
  • What happens to my previous pensions?
  • Based on what I have, how much tax free lump sum and income
       can I expect at retirement?
  • Is my pension performing as it should – am I taking too much risk?
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  • Do I really need a will?
  • How can I reduce my children’s inheritance tax liability?
  • How can I pass the business on to my children?
  • Life Events